Tetragon's current thought:

"If Ghandi were Palestinian, there would be peace today."

This means that peace can come to the middle east (and many other places in the world) if the Palestinians realize that they can achieve their goals by using the techniques Ghandi employed to obtain independence for India from British colonial rule. Ghandi's approach only works when the colonial power perceives itself to be a civilized nation that values human freedom. It could not succeed against a brutal dictator (unless popular opinion in the dictator's country and abroad succeeded in changing his mind, but that doesn't often happen).

One other requirement for the Ghandi Strategy to succeed is that it be applied by a genius such as Ghandi, because it requires such a soul to understand what must be done, and how to do it. Since no such person has emerged from among the Palestinians, we have not seen any progress. But it is not impossible. There is a Ghandi today among the Palestinians. His (or her) greatest enemy right now is not Israel, but the militants who are too blinded by their own rage to be able to think and act constructively. But such an enlightened person is present, and will one day arise to perform the needed miracle. It is up to the Palestinians to find their Ghandi, because he/she cannot appear until they want it.

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